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Total solutions for cargo transportation and storage;
In the daily life, cargo transportation and storage often bring a lot of problems. They not only take a lot of labor time, but also increase the labor costs. Although the trolleys and pallets have solved the above problems, the products are very heavy and satisfactory in flexibility and other aspects. The panels used commonly in the market are generally divided into two categories: the iron panel and the plastic panel. The iron panel is very heavy and the noise generated in use  make serious effects to the working environment also prone to damage the surface of the buildings and hurt the workers. In addition, iron panel can be corroded very easily so it is not suitable for acid and alkaline situations. Plastic panel is lighter. However,most of them are made and molded by high temperature injectiontechnique so the plastic panels are poor in load-bearing and easy to break off.
This patented (201120199062.1) for new cargo transportation and storage series with novel and beautiful appearance not only effectively solved many problems of the traditional panels but also filled the current demand of the market by the design of 360° four-wheel omni-directional rotation and trolleys with fence. The multifunction panels in our company are shaped in an integration with new plastic materials. They have better toughness, lighter weight, superior bearing  capacity and impact resistance which are comparable to the conventional aluminum steels and iron carts. With their practical which are suitablefor cargo transportation and storage in various situations also anti-acid and anticorrosion.

Product Features and Advantages:
1. Reasonable structures, convenient operation.
2. Complete specifications which meet mass production required by the customers.
3. Long life and recyclable.
4. Ultra mute function when push-pull; the use of natural rubber ensures abrasion resistance and good elasticity.
5. New stiffener panel with strong loading capacity.
6. Light weight design which can be loaded in car.
7. Novel and beautiful appearance, with characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-shock and anti-vibration, etc.
8. Suitable for transportation and storage in various sectors, cost savings for the enterprises, environmental protection.
9. The steel handrail is sprayed in seamless technology which has well polished surface.
10. The sweep template is made of HD-PE plastic synthesis technology, with merits of acid-proof and
       alkali-resisting.and can be applyed in a variety of special situations.
11. The patented panel is produced by a new plastic which has better toughness and during the destructive tests
       which conducted in heavily hit to the ground haveshowed its features of anti-throwing, anti-explosion and

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